Wahi used Loops to increase KPIs 50-200%

How Wahi Used Loops to Gain Causal Insights, Analyze Impact, and Increase its KPIs by 50-200% – the First Four Months with Loops

“Wahi has redefined real estate in Canada since debuting with its digital platform for real estate buyers and sellers in 2022. Our story with Loops kind of tells itself – we started with a free trial and we gained key insights. We took that and enhanced the product. Once that shipped, we used another Loops feature to prove the impact it would drive. I’d say we’re pretty excited about the impact on growth that Loops has helped us drive at Wahi.” – Simon Trudeau, Head of Analytics and Optimization, Wahi

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Case Study – Atera: Insights from Feature-Impact Model led to 34% Lift – with no A/B Testing

Using Loops, the product analytics team at Atera, the world’s first AI-powered IT management platform, were able to drive a 34% lift in a core business KPI.

Initially, the naive effect (before/after) of a recent feature release appeared to have a positive outcome. However, digging deeper with the Loops feature release model, they discovered that the causal effect was actually negative. Using the model and the new insight, they were empowered to make a series of iterative changes to the feature in order to maximize the KPI, resulting in the substantial, 34% lift in conversion rates.

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Why Loops with Casey Winters

Why Loops – With Casey Winters

In this session, we asked Casey Winters, the former CPO at Eventbrite, about what opportunity he sees in Loops for product and data teams. Casey shares a lot of valuable tips about how to approach experimentations, how to align product

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Why Loops – With Adam Fishman

In this session, we asked Adam Fishman, the former VP Product/Growth at Patreon, about what opportunity he sees in Loops for product managers, and to share some tips about experiments and alignment between product managers and data analysts. Enjoy. Transcript

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Case Study: Taboola – Increased Revenue Impact

Main results: In Short Taboola is one of the leading ad-tech platforms in the industry, serving over 360 billion content recommendations each month. Developing dynamic recommendations for advertisers was one of the 2022 primary objectives. There were already several recommendation

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A Letter From Our CEO: Loops’ $14M Funding Round

Hi, I’m Tom Laufer, and together with Ido Adiv, we founded Loops, a revolutionary analytics tool that helps product and data teams crush their KPIs by finding impactful growth opportunities hidden across their data.  I’m excited to share that Loops

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From Data Insights to Hypothesis

Correctly making intelligent decisions that start with the data  Whether you’re looking to make product feature updates, increase customer retention, enhance the conversion rate of a particular stage of the customer journey, or penetrate an entirely new market segment, the

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4 ways you’re misinterpreting your product data

There’s no doubt that in today’s data-driven digital landscape, the amount of raw data a product manager encounters on a daily basis is enormous. Analytical product managers and their team members alike spend hours upon hours, staring at dashboards analyzing

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