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Loops is a no-code analytics platform that provides product and data teams with growth opportunities hidden in their data.

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How Loops Works

No-code integration

No-code integration

You can easily connect Loops with your data warehouses and data analytics platforms without any code or R&D resources and then define your KPIs.
Loops presents opportunities
Loops surfaces the most impactful product growth opportunities hiding in your data in a dedicated feed of opportunities
Loops’ unique analyses and data science models
Loops applies advanced analytics and causal inference models on your data and links them to your KPIs
Take action
Loops inspires you to take action by surfacing the industry’s best practices.
Measure results and learning
Loops understands the impact of your actions, using minimal traffic and time, and shares the learnings from your experiments

Loops - A force multiplier for product and data teams

Go beyond correlation

Loops’ proprietary “Causal Inference” models takes data analysis to a whole new level. Loops identifies the causality behind the correlation so that you won’t waste time on misleading insights.

Effortless integration

Loops’ no-code analytics platform provides product and data teams with immediate value. Loops works with your existing data stack, seamlessly integrating with various data sources and data warehouses so you can start optimizing your product in no time.

Insights that speak your language

Stop trying to extract insights from meaningless event names and undefined properties. Loops uses your product and data terminology so you can focus on the most important features and KPIs

Focus on what drives your KPIs

Loops applies proprietary machine learning models that analyze millions of data points, enabling you to easily identify and act upon the most promising growth opportunities while eliminating dashboards and graph fatigue.

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