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Frequently asked questions

We need access to your data and a set-up session to align on KPIs and definitions.

From the moment we access your data and have the kick-off meeting, it’s a matter of a couple of days until you start seeing insights.

Loops usually need at least 400 unique active monthly users to start showing value.

No, Loops is a no-code solution. Just so you know – we only need access to your data warehouse and analytics solutions, which usually take a few clicks.

We don’t access PII; we don’t store user-level data. We only store aggregated metrics.

Also, we comply with the GDPR and are signing a DPA.

As part of the onboarding, you can choose the KPIs you wish to prioritize.

Loops supports all popular data warehouses like Big Query, Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Vertica, etc., and analytics solutions like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, etc.

Loops runs in your data warehouse and process the data in our environment. Due to our optimizing mechanism, the additional costs from processing data in your data warehouse are negligible.

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