Why Loops – With Casey Winters

Why Loops with Casey Winters

In this session, we asked Casey Winters, the former CPO at Eventbrite, about what opportunity he sees in Loops for product and data teams. Casey shares a lot of valuable tips about how to approach experimentations, how to align product managers and data teams, and shares from his vast experience working in companies like Eventbrite […]

Case Study: 18Birdies – Remarkable Growth in KPIs

About 18Birdies Established in the year 2014, 18Birdies is a leading golfing social platform and game enhancement tool. With a goal to equip all golfers with the necessary resources to perform their best on and off the course, 18Birdies has become the go-to platform for novice as well as seasoned golfers. Golf enthusiasts rely on […]

The False Sense of Confidence With “Before-After” Analysis

In this article, Iyar Lin, data science lead at Loops, goes through the “behind the scenes” of one of our most used types of analyses: Release Impact. A/B tests are the gold standard for estimating causal effects in product analysis. But in many cases, they aren’t feasible. In this post, I’d like to discuss one […]

Why Loops – With Adam Fishman

In this session, we asked Adam Fishman, the former VP Product/Growth at Patreon, about what opportunity he sees in Loops for product managers, and to share some tips about experiments and alignment between product managers and data analysts. Enjoy. Transcript Tom: Great to have you here with us at Loops. First question I wanna ask […]

Case Study: Taboola – Increased Revenue Impact

Main results: In Short Taboola is one of the leading ad-tech platforms in the industry, serving over 360 billion content recommendations each month. Developing dynamic recommendations for advertisers was one of the 2022 primary objectives. There were already several recommendation features in place which were exposed to a limited group of users, but Taboola had […]

A Letter From Our CEO: Loops’ $14M Funding Round

Hi, I’m Tom Laufer, and together with Ido Adiv, we founded Loops, a revolutionary analytics tool that helps product and data teams crush their KPIs by finding impactful growth opportunities hidden across their data.  I’m excited to share that Loops has raised $14M in a seed round and take the opportunity to reflect on our […]

The Secrets of Successful Product Growth Teams

In today’s forward-thinking, customer-focused organizations, product teams are constantly evolving and changing. New teams and functions are created as a way to empower the specialized expertise that’s leveraged to establish a competitive advantage. As the issue of acquiring and retaining users is critical to a product’s success, the evolution of product growth teams that focus […]

From Data Insights to Hypothesis

Correctly making intelligent decisions that start with the data  Whether you’re looking to make product feature updates, increase customer retention, enhance the conversion rate of a particular stage of the customer journey, or penetrate an entirely new market segment, the “how” will start with a hypothesis. Just like other fields of scientific studies, product management […]

4 ways you’re misinterpreting your product data

There’s no doubt that in today’s data-driven digital landscape, the amount of raw data a product manager encounters on a daily basis is enormous. Analytical product managers and their team members alike spend hours upon hours, staring at dashboards analyzing data, as they pursue their “never-ending quest” in discovering valuable insights about how users interact […]

The Problem with Product Analytics

The explosion in the use of data has upended the way product and growth professionals make critical decisions about how they build their products…