A Letter From Our CEO: Loops’ $14M Funding Round

Hi, I’m Tom Laufer, and together with Ido Adiv, we founded Loops, a revolutionary analytics tool that helps product and data teams crush their KPIs by finding impactful growth opportunities hidden across their data. 

I’m excited to share that Loops has raised $14M in a seed round and take the opportunity to reflect on our story. 

How did we get here?

As with many great solutions, it all starts with a personal pain I had during my work as the Head of Growth and Analytics in Google EMEA and as a growth advisor to other companies. Making data-driven decisions was a significant part of my role at Google and as an advisor. But to make such decisions, I, and the companies I worked with, had to search through dozens of dashboards and data sources and constantly struggled to identify the crucial insights to drive the right decisions.

Despite all the data we had available for us, we still had to invest a lot of resources and time to find genuine opportunities to grow our products. And as I talked to hundreds of colleagues from the industry, I quickly realized that it’s a problem any product person can relate to – with more and more supply of analytics platforms and more ways to collect data, it’s getting harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

So much data, and yet it’s so hard to find valuable opportunities. 

Real opportunities to grow your product. 

Over the last ten years, the tech ecosystem has repeatedly emphasized the importance of making data-driven decisions. And yet, product teams are flooded with more dashboards and graphs without the ability to identify the most significant opportunities to build better products for their users and grow their business.

So Ido and I created Loops, a solution tailored to product and growth teams with one specific goal: highlight product growth teams real opportunities to grow their products, with easy integration and without analyzing endless dashboards.

Loops’ no-code solution empowers product and growth teams to crush their KPIs by automatically identifying concrete opportunities from their data. Instead of more dashboards, Loops leverage causal inference models to provide a “news feed” of opportunities to improve retention, onboarding, feature adoption, activation, conversion, NPS, and other KPIs. Loops also measures the impact of actions and refines its recommendations over time so that teams consistently build better and more profitable products.

I’m thrilled to see how companies use Loops, even in ways we didn’t imagine, with amazing impact on their KPIs. It’s thrilling to hear that Loops is helping them not only improve the way they work, but actually contributes to their bottom line.  

Here’re just a few examples we already see companies do with Loops:

  • Quickly identify “aha moments” based on their data to improve long-term retention
  • See growth opportunities based on causation, not correlation
  • Fix user experience for specific segments based on insights provided by Loops 
  • Finding hidden journeys and funnels that lead users to convert or churn

Lately, we also introduced “Release Impact”, which gives companies the ability to see the impact of all their product changes without A/B testing. This we do by simulating as if an A/B test was conducted, making it a one-of-a-kind solution, especially for companies who don’t have enough traffic, time and resources to run A/B tests.

Last but not least

I want to thank an extraordinary lineup of investors who were excited about our vision and helped us raise $14M in seed funding. 

We first want to thank Scale Venture Partners, who led the round, Cardumen Capital, Scopus Ventures and ICON, who saw our vision and the opportunity to revolutionize how growth teams make decisions.

Also, we want to thank the following people for taking part in the investment, who led the product and growth of some of the fastest growing companies in the world: 

We also want to thank our amazing customers who believed and trusted us well before we launched the product. With their help, we built a solution that instantly delivers meaningful value. 

And last but not least, our fantastic team, who work tirelessly to make this vision a reality. Ido and I genuinely appreciate every day with this talented group of people.

We already see the impact we make on product and growth teams, and it validates our initial thoughts – the analytics industry is ready for the next generation of solutions, and we’ve developed the product to lead this revolution. We’re happy to be part of this shift. 

Here’s to crushing KPIs.