A product analytics solution that helps data analysts impact company growth

Data analysts leverage Loops’ unique causal inference models to drive actionable insights, and enhance overall product strategy. 

Trusted by companies that rely on data to inform their decisions.

From building dashboards to making a real impact on the product with Loops.

"With Loops, we can measure the impact of our releases and existing product usage without A/B tests. This invaluable ability allows us to confidently determine what works best and attribute causal influence."
Amir Engel
Product Analytics Director at Taboola

Read how Taboola used Loops to show a clear link between a product initiative and the impact on revenue, which gave the organization the confidence to expose more users to the feature.

Loops offers unique analysis powered by causal inference.

Identify the features, content, or user behavior that maximize your KPIs using causal inference models.

Save time by focusing on hypotheses that have a true impact on KPIs

Enhance your data science capabilities

Loops applies advanced analytics and causal inference models to your data and links them to your KPIs.

Have confidence in your decisions

Loops helps you understand your hypothesis’s potential impact before you test it.

Measure results faster

Loops understands the impact of your actions, using minimal traffic and time, and helps you share the learnings easily with your team.

And with zero-code Integration with all data sources

Product teams know where to focus thanks to Loops