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Senior Product Manager

Tel Aviv
Full Time

You are:

  • A Product manager with 3+ years of experience in leading a product team.
  • Your passion is to deeply understand users’ pains & needs and, on the other hand, the business goals.
  • You are also passionate about data and growth. It’s ok if you don’t have experience with managing analytics products, but you MUST fall in love with the problem that we’re trying to solve and you’re eager to learn how. We care more about passion and motivation than experience/degrees (or anything else).
  • You have strategic thinking and a full understanding of the product’s lifecycle: from choosing the goal through research to prototypes and post-release research.
  • You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience as data analyst or quantitive degree – Advantge
  • Experience with SQL or other BI tools – Advantage

As a product manager, you will:

  • To begin with, take full ownership of a goal or an area in the product. End-to-end.
  • Conduct extensive product research based on user talks, recorded sessions, quantitative data, competitor analysis, and more.
  • Articulate the problem we’re trying to solve and communicate to the team
  • Work closely with product designers to design the solution
  • Work closely with R&D to build the solution and discuss tradeoffs
  • Build a launch plan
  • Monitor the feature once launched and optimize
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