Product Designer

Tel Aviv
Full Time

We are a well-funded start-up that focuses on changing the way people leverage data to make decisions. We believe that out-of-context dashboards are not the solution but the problem, and we’re obsessively passionate about helping people take data-driven actions! 

You will help the biggest product companies in the world leverage their behavioral data using state-of-the-art analyses and data science methods to support their next products’ decisions.

At Loops, UX/UI design is at the core of our value proposition. We set out to empower companies to make data-driven decisions. Loops’ users identify new opportunities, review the data story behind them and then take action.

The journey between seeing an opportunity to taking an action is not trivial, and in fact, I have yet to encounter a solution that really nailed it.

What you’ll do:

  • To begin with, take full ownership of product design. End-to-end.
  • Come up with the product design principles that will act as the foundation of our design.
  • Conduct extensive product research based on user talks, recorded sessions, quantitative data, competitor analysis, and more.
  • Take charge of functional design and create wireframes, from rough sketches to rich animated prototypes which you’ll use to get users’ feedback.
  • Lead a full design cycle from collecting inspiration through creating a pixel-perfect UI for all states and scenarios, and delivering to development
  • Analyze data and conduct usability sessions

Your skills and experience:

A Product Designer with 3+ years of experience in UX and interactive design, preferably in product teams. It’s ok if you don’t have experience with designing analytics products, but you MUST fall in love with the problem that we’re trying to solve and you’re eager to learn how. We care more about passion and motivation than experience/degrees (or anything else).

Your passion is transforming complex problems into a simple and intuitive user experience. You have strategic thinking and a full understanding of the product’s lifecycle: from research through prototyping to design and usability testing. You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

* This is not a fully remote position

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