The False Sense of Confidence With “Before-After” Analysis

In this article, Iyar Lin, data science lead at Loops, goes through the “behind the scenes” of one of our most used types of analyses: Release Impact. A/B tests are the gold standard for estimating causal effects in product analysis. But in many cases, they aren’t feasible. In this post, I’d like to discuss one […]

The Secrets of Successful Product Growth Teams

In today’s forward-thinking, customer-focused organizations, product teams are constantly evolving and changing. New teams and functions are created as a way to empower the specialized expertise that’s leveraged to establish a competitive advantage. As the issue of acquiring and retaining users is critical to a product’s success, the evolution of product growth teams that focus […]

From Data Insights to Hypothesis

Correctly making intelligent decisions that start with the data  Whether you’re looking to make product feature updates, increase customer retention, enhance the conversion rate of a particular stage of the customer journey, or penetrate an entirely new market segment, the “how” will start with a hypothesis. Just like other fields of scientific studies, product management […]

4 ways you’re misinterpreting your product data

There’s no doubt that in today’s data-driven digital landscape, the amount of raw data a product manager encounters on a daily basis is enormous. Analytical product managers and their team members alike spend hours upon hours, staring at dashboards analyzing data, as they pursue their “never-ending quest” in discovering valuable insights about how users interact […]