A Real Opportunity for Product Growth.

Product managers and data analysts use Loops to get real opportunities, based on real insights, to drive product growth and crush KPIs. 

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Loops Helps Market Leaders Drive Product Growth

From Real Insights to Real Product Growth​

Here's how:

No-code integration

No-code integration

You can easily connect Loops with your data warehouses and data analytics platforms without any code or R&D resources and then define your KPIs.
Loops presents opportunities
Loops surfaces the most impactful product growth opportunities hiding in your data in a dedicated feed of opportunities
Loops’ unique analyses and data science models
Loops applies advanced analytics and causal inference models on your data and links them to your KPIs
Take action
Loops inspires you to take action by surfacing the industry’s best practices.
Measure results and learning
Loops understands the impact of your actions, using minimal traffic and time, and shares the learnings from your experiments

What product managers and data analysts can do with Loops

Quickly see why a KPI is going down

Loops tracks and identifies when your KPIs are going down in real-time. No more spending hours trying to identify why; Loops shows you the root causes: changes in traffic, new feature releases and more. 

How features impact your KPIs

Loops identifies and shows the contribution of each product feature on conversions, retention and monetization using causal inference models.  

Measure impact without A/B testing

Loops leverages causal inference models to simulate an A/B test and show you the impact of your actions, even with minimal traffic.

Read how Taboola used this feature to increase revenue.

See how user journeys impact your KPIs

Loops shows you hidden user journeys and funnels that lead users to convert or churn. 

Accurate A/B tests with less traffic

Loops quickly helps you understand the impact of A/B tests by leveraging proprietary Bayesian models and finding machine learning-based leading indicators for lagging metrics. 

Loops gives you an unbiased and accurate answer to any product growth question.

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  1. What types of features maximizes retention rate?
  2. What’s the aha/habit moment – a moment that means that users adopted the habit and are more likely to use the product for the long term?
  3. How different segments behave?
  4. What’s the impact of the first session on different users?
  5. What journey leads users to survive for the first day or first week?
  1. Which segments are converting less? Why?
  2. Which paywall is more effective? For which users?
  3. What’s the amount of money I lose because of payment failures? Who is failing to pay? What type of payment method? What are the reasons for failing?
  4. Which items/categories are converting? Where users are dropping in their journey to purchase them?
  1. Who are my power users? What do they do?
  1. What users were doing before churn? Did some kind of behavior led to churn?
  1. What’s the true impact of a new feature release?
  2. What’s the impact of my error on my KPIs?

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