Discover the Heartbeat of Your Product

In an age where data is abundant, your real challenge is extracting actionable product insights. You spend hours building and reading dashboards, hoping to make sense of it.

We revolutionize this process by applying unique ML models to your data.

Loops - The Next-Gen Product Analytics Platform

For Product Managers

Get insights that help you focus your product growth efforts where they matter. Instead of trying to pull insight from your data, Loops presents it to you in a feed-like interface.

For Data Analysts

Move to the front of the product decision-making stage, away from simply building dashboards. Using Loops’ unique causal inference models, data analysts can confidently determine what works best and attribute causal influence.

Used by the Best

Increased Impact on Revenue

A clear link between a product initiative and the impact on revenue gave the organization the confidence to expose more users to the feature.

Embrace Data-Driven Transformation

Unique Analyses and Data Science Models

Loops applies advanced analytics and causal inference models on your data and links them to your KPIs

Focus on What Matters

Loops surfaces the most impactful product growth opportunities hiding in your data in a intuitive feed-like interface of opportunities

Have Confidence in Your Desicions

Loops enables simulation mode – so you can see exactly which decisions will impact your KPIs the most.

Measure Results and Learnings

Loops understands the impact of your actions, using minimal traffic and time, and shares the learnings from your experiments

Discover the Heartbeat of Your Product

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