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Loops analyzes all your product data, pushing hidden growth opportunities to product managers in a curated, news-like feed so that you can dramatically improve your top-line metrics

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Stop Staring at Dashboards, Start Growing Your Product

With so many dashboards, metrics and segments, it’s challenging to discover the best opportunities to grow your product. Our technology guides you towards better product decisions by delivering golden growth opportunities to you in a curated news-like feed of high-impact opportunities. That way, you can start focusing on growing your activation, retention, conversion, and other metrics, and becoming a world-class product manager.

Our customers see a 20% uplift in their top-line metrics

Why Loops?

Opportunities You Can’t Afford to Miss

We run thousands of proprietary analyses to find the most impactful insights hiding across your data. We translate these insights into opportunities and deliver them to you in single-sentence actionable recommendations.

Zero-Effort Integration

Loops easily integrates with your various data sources and data warehouses, without any code or R&D resources, so that you can start optimizing your product in no time.

The Metrics that Matter to You

Stop trying to extract insights from raw “events”, “properties” and other abstract data terms and start embracing actionable recommendations that speak your lingo and focus on the features and KPIs you care about.

Go Beyond Correlation

Loops’ proprietary “Causal Inference Model” takes data analysis to a whole new level by identifying the causality behind the correlation so that you can double down on the user behaviors that actually drive your KPIs.


The Feed

Visualized in a user-friendly, intuitive action feed, growth opportunities are listed according to the KPIs you want to move most and are supported by an in-depth analysis that you can explore. Say goodbye to looking for needles of insights hidden in haystacks of graphs and tables. Say hello to data-driven, actionable recommendations that help you understand where to focus your efforts.

Growth Map

Gain full visibility into your growth model, without dozens of dashboards, and a bird’s-eye view over all the metrics and different growth levers in your product: acquisition sources, onboarding flow, retention and engagement loops, churn, and everything around your north-star metric. That way, you can quickly see how your product is scaling and understand where to focus your efforts to boost your top-line metrics.

Close the Loop

We accompany you through a comprehensive, end-to-end growth process, from data analysis to opportunity identification, through recommended actions, and all the way to experiment result measurement. Whatever you need to close the loop and make better product decisions – we’ve got you covered.

Loops Loops Loops

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Data is our bread and butter, which is why we take privacy and data security very seriously. We built our platform from the ground up using the highest levels of security from the earliest stages of its development. We also undergo periodic penetration testing so that you can rest assured that your data is always safe and secure.