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Loops simplify data analysis, save time, improve decision-making, and enhance communication of findings.

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Streamlining Product Language

Loops’ built-in DMP allows data analysts to determine a uniform product language for the organization and produce a dictionary of the product data.

Efficient Data Analysis

Loops’ Phenomena feature helps data analysts save time by pointing directly to opportunities that can help make a big impact on KPIs. It also provides a TL;DR for insights from the product data.

Automated Causality Detection

The ability to find causality automatically with Loops’ feature provides data analysts with a valuable tool to uncover meaningful relationships between variables. By simplifying the process of identifying causality, analysts can focus on interpreting insights and making data-driven decisions.

Expanding the Scope of Data Analysis

Loops’ Machine Learnings models allow data analysts to answer questions they wouldn’t be able to answer otherwise, not to mention even thinking about those questions.

Enhancing Data Communication

With Loops Data Story feature, data analysts can tell a better story about an analysis. It’s not only the insight they found but also how they got there.

Efficient Data Monitoring

Loops’ Health Monitor gives data analysts the ability to define what is essential to look at, save time on research, and save time on outsourcing the data monitoring.

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