Focus Your Product Growth Efforts

Where it matters.

Loops is a revolutionary analytics tool that helps product teams find impactful growth opportunities hidden across their data.

Product-Led Growth Companies Trust Loops

Loops highlights opportunities that help you take action

“With tens of millions of users and multiple (sometimes contradicting) KPIs, Loops helps us in prioritizing what experiments will be the most impactful for us.”

Arbel Zinger, VP
Product, Lightricks

1. Save Time With Opportunities

Stop wasting time going through an endless amount of graphs and data. Loops will identify the most significant opportunities to grow your product based on your KPIs.

"At times I find that the things that Loops present would take me much longer to find those"

Jacob Crisp, Head of Product Growth at 18Birdies

2. Actions

The platform inspire you to to take action, by surfacing curated list of real actions (Experiments) that were performed by similar companies.

"If you want a place where you can generate a bunch of hypotheses and get really solid analysis of your data, then Loops is the place to go"

Tabish Gilani, Product at Replit

3. Results & Learnings

The platform analyzes the impact of your actions on your KPIs, either by proprietary A/B test analysis or by simulating an A/B test.

"A platform that provides opportunities for product growth and the option to do A/B testing."

Gilad Sorek, Product Marketing Manager-Growth/Retention at Lightricks

“Thanks to Loops’ unique machine learning models, we were able to identify what sets up our users for success, and improve our long-term retention rate.”

Amir Engel, Product Analytics
Director, Taboola
No-Code Integration

Loops easily integrate with your various data sources and data warehouses without any code or R&D resources so that you can start optimizing your product in no time.

The Metrics that Matter to You

Stop trying to extract insights from raw “events,” “properties,” and other abstract data terms. Start embracing actionable recommendations that speak your lingo and focus on the features and KPIs that are most important to you. ​

Opportunities You Can’t Afford to Miss

The platform inspires you to take action by surfacing a curated list of tangible actions (experiments) performed by similar companies.​

Go Beyond Correlation

Loops’ proprietary “Causal Inference Model” takes data analysis to a whole new level by identifying the causality behind the correlation so that you can double down on the user behaviors that drive your KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a month trial period.

We need access to your data and a set-up session to align on KPIs and definitions.

The moment the platform gets access to your data, it’s usually a matter of a few days until you start seeing opportunities.

Loops usually need at least 600 unique active users a month to start showing opportunities.

No, we are a no-code solution. We only need access to your data warehouse and analytics solutions, which usually take a few clicks in the relevant platform.

  1. We don’t access PII; we don’t store user-level data. We only store aggregated metrics.
  2. We comply with GDPR and are signing a DPA.

As part of the onboarding, you can choose the KPIs you want to prioritize.

  1. We support all popular data warehouses like Big Query, Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Vertica, etc., and analytics solutions like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, etc.

We run in your data warehouse and process the data in our environment. Due to our optimizing mechanism, the additional costs from processing data in your data warehouse are neglectable.