Senior Customer Growth Analyst

Tel Aviv
Full time

We’re a well-funded start-up which focuses on changing the way people leverage data to make decisions. We believe that out-of-context dashboards are not the solution but the problem, and we’re obsessively passionate about helping people take data-driven actions!

What You’ll be Up To:

Joining the Loops Customer Growth crew means you’re in from the get-go, accompanying our customers through thick and thin to make sure they hit their goals. If you’re the type who wakes up thinking, “How can I make my customers rock today?” and you’re all about data, growth, and bringing that personal touch to business relationships, then guess what? You’re in the right spot.

Here’s the lowdown on what you’ll be doing:

1. You’ll be the go-to person for managing the long-term relationships with customers, focusing on increasing engagement with Loops’ platform and connecting the value generated by Loops to customers’ needs. Your mission? Make sure our clients are crushing it.

2. Get elbow-deep into customer data to find out how Loops can supercharge their product growth.

3. Help brainstorm and set up team and cross-functional processes.

4. Be the smooth operator between our clients and the folks on the product team.You’ll serve as the voice of the customers, and make sure the customers’ needs are reflected in the product roadmap.

5. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to upsell and boost client success.

What We’re Looking For:

1. Minimum 2 years of rocking it in customer success, product manager, product analyst or a similar gig.

2. Experience working with data oriented products or customers.

3. SQL – High proficiency. Python (Pandas, Numpy) – an advantage.

4. You’re the kind of person who gets things going without being told. Self-starter? Yep, that’s you.

5. Great at shooting the breeze – you can chat up a storm with customers and your work buds, all in English.

6. Got that growth mindset – you get why KPIs matter and what each customer is gunning for.

7. You’re not afraid to shake things up. If you’ve got a simpler or super cool idea, you’re all in.

8. Bonus: You’ve got some street cred working with analysts and product managers, especially around growth methodologies.

Ready to roll? Join us at Loops, where the vibe is chill, and the customers are the heroes of the story! 🚀

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